Thursday, 11 September 2014

UK Government Sets Forth Ambitious Plan for Global Climate Deal

The UK Government has staked out its position for the upcoming climate change summit that is scheduled for Paris next year.  Through a recently released document, officials have made it clear that they are undertaking an ambitious plan to make a global climate deal reality as a result of the 2015 talks.  The document, a publication entitled Paris 2015: Securing Our Prosperity to a Global Climate Change Agreement explains why a global deal is necessary and how the entire world can benefit from it.

Document authors say that taking action now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will help the world avoid the most severe consequences of climate change.  The document makes the case that all countries, both large and small, would benefit from greenhouse gas reductions.  In order to make implementing changes easier, the document puts forth language that makes implementing changes more politically appealing.

According to Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey, going green and operating a profitable business are not mutually exclusive.  He has gone on record as saying it is possible to do both.  That is one of the messages he will be taking when he attends the conference next year. 

Davey also claims that both governments and businesses support the latest climate change initiatives saying, “There is an increasing political will from big and small countries alike to tackle climate change both through domestic action and in the international negotiations.  And it is not just governments who want a deal, there is wide spread support from businesses, NGOs and campaign groups both in the UK and internationally.”

If Davey and his supporters have their way, the Paris conference will result in a legally binding treaty forcing all participating countries to enact specific changes to positively affect climate change.  The UK will expect commitments from all participating countries, though the commitments will be different from one country to the next.  Whether or not every country represented at the summit will agree to the deal is unknown.

Powering the Future

While the rationale for a climate change deal hinges mainly on the principle of climate change and its relation to the use of fossil fuels, much of the impetus for what's now being talked about can be attributed directly to the data centre industry.  Few other industries have such enormous power needs.  Moreover, as the world becomes ever more connected, new data centres are needed in greater numbers around the world.

In order for the modern society to push forward, we must ensure the commercial success of data centres and other similar enterprises.  In order for that to happen, we need to seriously think about how future energy needs are going to be met.  The UK government is determined to meet those needs in a way that reduces fossil fuel consumption and limits greenhouse gas emissions.  The UK will lead the way in Paris and beyond; the only remaining question is who will follow.  We will only know the answer to that question next year…

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